Pictures (Including “first of the month”)


Happy baby 🙂

Still – all about the feet 😉

Twins. Separated by 2 years and 4 days.

The “First of the month” (on the 3rd of February…we’re getting better at remembering!)

Benjamin (almost 2.5years), Caedmon (almost 6months), Keaton (days shy of 46months)

Caedmon sporting a fleece cover (had a friend ask!) this is what he wears to bed at night (there is a fitted cloth diaper underneath, and he stays dry! We big fat squishy heart fleece!!!!!!!)

No solids yet, just glad to be out of his bouncy seat!!Happy baby trying to crawl around (note his “hippie necklace”. It’s baltic amber to help with teething and BOY does it ever!!!!)


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  1. LOL, Xavier has the “stunts” shirt but it’s long sleeve.

    I’ll have to remember the necklace for when Querina starts teething.

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