a couple of firsts


I had to leave Caedmon for the first time this week.

And, I had the privilege of attending my first birth towards my doula certification this week.

Both were equally as hard and emotional.

But I think, as I told a friend, after 4.5 years of college (and multiple degree changes at 3 different colleges), a year of Seminary (working towards an MA in Biblical Counseling) and a work at home business (where I bought more Pampered Chef than I sold), I found what I want to do “when I grow up” πŸ™‚

“When I grow up”, meaning Zach has a tad more flexible job, the boys can run to someone elses’ house for a few hours, I’m not nursing a baby (so I don’t have to leave a laboring mama to pump in some random labor room praying the whole time a janitor doesn’t bust in to change the trash or something) – good thing that once I’m certified through Childbirth International, it is for life, no matter how many births I attend or don’t attend and I don’t have to pay to remain certified!

Mom was a rock star.

Baby is beautiful.

My baby took a bottle (even though I was with the family for many hours on two separate days, I only missed about 4 feedings and I was home both nights – the part we were worried most about) and both nights, upon my arrival home, fell asleep while caressing my face.Β  Bliss.

While I can’t wait to attend another birth, it will be awhile. It was so incredibly hard to leave my babies.

And, to end this with an “oscar sounding speech”, many (many) thanks to my amazing husband who graciously took a day off work – allowing me to rest/doze in the morning before I had to leave again, and took the best of care of our own precious babies (although the hot dogs and nachos for dinner for the boys was not really what I had in mind!)


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