and so it begins…


Benjamin woke up today and decided he wanted to use the potty.

I’m torn on this.

I’d totally rather change & wash diapers. It is *so* much easier than making sure he is pottied before we leave the house. And diapers are my routine.

However, B has SUPER sensitive skin. We have the hardest time finding a detergent that works more than a few washes before his poor bottom is rashy & so sad looking. And C is about to need the medium diapers that B is in…And not having to wash diapers every 2 days WOULD be nice..

So he’s been in undies all morning.

We’ve made 4 potty visits, with no deposits 😉

But have had one accident on the floor.

So my day will look like this….

(And soon I will have better phone pictures because Zach got me a “smarter” phone…I will have a Droid Incredible in a couple of days…oh boy!)


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