More, Cow


It’s no secret that our boys have some funny accents…

To hear Keaton call Benjamin, “Beeeeeeeeeen” in the most southern twang…

To hear Benjamin say, “Over der” like a little Canadian…

But, there are also some words that Benjamin says that are very …odd, as well. “More” is one of those words.

When Benjamin says “more”, it sounds more like a cow, “Mrrrrrrrr.”

Well, tonight at dinner, Benjamin went to ask for more spaghetti – “I want mrrrrrrrrr…”

I looked over and, since he still had some on his plate, I responded with, “Finish what is on your plate and I will get you some ‘mrrrrrrr’, cow…”

The boys thought this was hilarious and approximately two minutes of, “MORE COW” ensued!

We finally got them settled and dinner resumed…


Guess I need to check my snark at the door before dinner 😉


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