2.5 years


The poor middle child 😉 With Caedmon turning 6 months, I failed to mention that Benjamin turned 2.5years.

He loves:

To eat just about everything. If you have it he wants “just one bite” (holding up that precious, fat little finger).
To wrestle. He is very physical. Keaton has his moments, but it’s pretty much non-stop with B.
At the same time, he’s very snuggly – he is just physical. He must always be touching someone.
Dinosaurs. Robots. Puzzles. Books. His big brother (still not 100% on little brother).
Singing, especially his ABC’s (which, thanks to Keaton), he has learned a little wrong (we’re working super hard to correct that!)

He hates:

Nap time.
Bed time.
Sitting still.
Having his picture taken.
Diaper changes (what? Did I say we were potty training? Yeh. About that.)

A Priceless Moment:
He is enjoying his new Sunday school class (new classes have been a hard transition for him in the past). He even saw one of his teachers dropping off his daughter in another class on Sunday and exclaimed, “That’s my teacher. He’s my favorite.” Melt me.



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