New Glasses


Zach and I both recently {finally} made appointments to get our eyes checked. It needed to be done, but then the broke his glasses at work and it had been so long since his last appointment, they wouldn’t give him new ones without an eye exam! I went in a week later for my appointment. And, while we both walked out with a new prescription (and he with some contacts), neither of us left with new glasses. For the first time, we tried ordering them off the internet through ZenniOptical. We’ve been a tad spoiled with our Amazon Prime membership and getting stuff in 1-2 days, waiting a week and half for prescription glasses seemed like forever! His arrived Wednesday and mine came today!

I was worried, as I can spend hours trying on glasses in the store and still not decide on something. they have a “virtual mirror” on their website where you can pick out glasses that you like, upload a photo of yourself and ‘try’ the glasses on. It’s not perfect, but, it works 🙂

Since we were paying next to nothing for these glasses, we each picked out two pair. Zach picked a pair very similar to his old pair and then a pair of bold, black frames. Having always seen him in wire-rimmed glasses that are silver or gold, the black frames are quite a change! But they look great!

I really wanted a red pair of glasses and found some that I thought I’d give a try. I also got a black pair. My prescription didn’t change too much, just enough though, but I’ll still keep my fun, brown “tortoise shell” frames too.

The Red Frames (hard to tell they really are red…we’ll work on that!)

The Black Frames

So, $40 (total for my glasses) our house has a bit of funk now 😉 HIGHLY recommend Zenni Optical (and some patience!)

Back to getting ready for Keaton’s party!


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