Keaton’s 4th birthday party


We had Keaton’s birthday party this weekend! We hired a friend to take pictures for us so that we could just sit back & enjoy the afternoon. It was great! She arrived a few minutes early and got a few family photos…

Then the boys waited for family to arrive. In typical fashion, the party was closed to friends, as the boys were fighting some crud.

We did a Lego themed party. Zach built a creation beforehand (the house) and while we waited for family to arrive, Zach helped Keaton build his first Lego creation! He was so excited (and by he, I mean Zach AND Keaton!) 😉

The cake(s) I made. It was SO fun to watch this creation come together! I’ve never really MADE a cake before (other than your typical 9×13 with a layer of frosting).

The banner across the kitchen (Keaton REALLY wanted a banner in the kitchen like Zach’s Star Wars banner last summer!)

Keaton dug into his gifts after some pizza…

It was so fun to watch his excitement over everything 🙂

Not sure who is more excited about *all* the Legos!

We finished up with some cake and candles…

Happy 4th birthday party day, Keaton!!!! We’ll celebrate more on your real birthday weekend!


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