4,000 Steps


In 2009, nearly 8,000 abortions were performed in Wake County, North Carolina (where our family resides).



Say it out loud.

Eight thousand.

I don’t know what your politics are (nor am I really interested, as that is not what this post is about), but 8,000 is an astronomical number, I don’t care who you are.

In Wake Forest, we have an amazing organization, Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest (PSSWF). Their mission is to “communicate accurate and truthful information to those affected by an unplanned pregnancy and to provide them with physical, emotional and spiritual support.”

So, what are some things that the amazing folks at PSSWF actually do?

Pregnancy Test & Ultrasound

  • Pregnancy diagnosis through pregnancy testing and ultrasound
  • Pregnancy verification
  • Confirmation of gestational age and fetal development education
  • Accurate information and literature on all pregnancy options and problem solving sessions to overcome obstacles

Next Steps Program

  • Weekly meetings with a caring mentor who offers emotional, spiritual, and material support
  • Hands-on training for parenting and life skills including Baby Care, Post-Partum Depression, Maternal Care, Car Seat Safety, and Choosing a Pediatrician and Daycare
  • Participate in Group Classes: Labor & Delivery, Parenting Well, Financial Success
  • Opportunity to earn baby items necessary for the baby’s first year and maternity clothes (baby clothes, diapers, strollers, cribs, car seats, etc.)
  • Provide community resource connections and referrals

Post-Abortion Peer Counseling

  • Non-judgmental counseling for women who have experienced an abortion and for other family members affected by abortion
  • Help in dealing with the pain of past choices

Service of Hope

  • Friday night before Mother’s Day
  • Community wide service for families who have experienced a pregnancy loss through abortion, miscarriage, still birth or early infant deaths

Education Program

  • Provide speakers and educational workshops and presentations for churches, organizations and groups
  • Topics include Sexual Abstinence, Sexual Purity, Adoption, Post-Abortion Counseling, and Unplanned Pregnancy or Abortion
  • Full library of literature, books, and videos on pregnancy, parenting, and abortion recovery
  • Provide educational brochures/literature to individuals, groups, churches and organizations


Right now, PSSWF is unable to operate on a full-time basis. Due to the lack of funds, they are unable to meet with women immediately and some are having to wait upwards of two weeks to get an appointment (whereas they can call an abortion clinic and be seen the same day). PSSWF is also seeking to amp up their men’s program as many women do bring their partners to their appointments and for counseling. There needs to be a beneficial program in place to assist these men. And of course, they want to continue the aforementioned services to local women, men and their families.

All this takes money.

Our family is participating in the the annual walk-a-thon for PSSWF, 4,000 Steps (formerly, Walk for Life). And this is where YOU come in! We would love it if you would consider sponsoring our family as we set out to walk this 2 mile walk to raise awareness and support for PSSWF. Making a donation is easy. All you need to do is click here. Your donation will be accepted through a secure server and will be earmarked to go towards the $150,000 goal PSSWF has set in place this year!

Also, if you would like for your dollar to go a bit further, please consider setting up a monthly pledge. A very generous sponsor of PSSWF has offered to match any monthly pledges made, dollar for dollar! That means a $10 a month pledge becomes $20 a month! Imagine what that could do for PSSWF and the surrounding community!

If you have any questions regarding PSSWF and their services, please, do not hesitate to ask here on the blog, or ask/email Zach or myself. We fully support and believe in the services of PSSWF and stand behind their actions, services and desire to assist women and their families in Wake Forest and surrounding communities.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

The Jones Family

Zach, Terra, Keaton, Benjamin & Caedmon



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