Happy 4th Birthday, Keaton!


At this exact moment 4 years ago, you made me a mama. We joked that you should have red hair. Never did we expect you to be born with a head full of reddish-orange peach fuzz.
You rolled early, crawled early and walked early. You have been on the go since day 1!

On your first birthday.

Around your 2nd birthday. So full of life, laughter and such a great big brother.

At your 3rd birthday party… Growing up entirely too quickly. Learning so much about the world around you.

And now, at 4. No longer my ‘baby’, but a little boy.

Keaton LOVES:

  • Monsters
  • Dinosaurs
  • Star Wars
  • Building things
  • Puzzles
  • Singing
  • Being a big brother
  • Babies
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Pretending to be various animals, particularly cats
  • Running

Keaton HATES:

  • Trying new food (really unless it’s PB&J or chicken nuggets, he’ll refuse it!)
  • Getting dirty
  • Thunderstorms

Funny Stories:

  • Whenever Zach plays on the praise team, he takes Keaton with him. Another friend has a 4 year old that is often there. She told me a month or so ago that her son, Noah, came up to her during practice one morning and said, “Mommy, I’m tired. Keaton makes me run!” A couple weeks later, we heard the same story from a little girls’ mommy in Keaton’s class. hehe.
  • Zach was playing a game on his phone, essentially you had to direct planes onto an airstrip. Keaton was watching over Zach’s shoulder when Zach commented, “Oh, they’re going to crash…” Keaton responded with, “This is going to be awesome!”
  • Whenever I ask you what music you want me to play on the iPod, you always respond with, “Johnny Cash.”
  • Whenever someone makes a comment about Caedmon, you start in with the exact same story, “Caedmon was in mommy’s belly…and then it stormed and mommy and daddy were gone…I cried and then Bebe came and we played and we went to the hospital where mommy got Caedmon.” Something like that πŸ˜‰


You are hysterical. We never know what to expect out of your mouth. You are full of life, curious about everything and excited about all things. You have such a servants heart, always wanting to help with Caedmon, with cooking and cleaning. Your passion for the things you love, you get honest: God, music, laughter, Star Wars (just sayin’!) I can’t wait to see how much you grow and learn and mature over the next year. Saying that it has been a joy these past four years doesn’t even begin to describe it. We love you so much. Happy birthday my sweet pea.


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