Spring Storms, B.C. and A.C.


That’d be “Before Children” and “After Children”

I’ve always loved a good storm and I’ve always been fascinated by weather (but there’s entirely too much science involved for me to really get it). When I was in college in Tennessee, I was introduced to an entirely different side of spring storms: Tornadoes. I was amazed and in awe. And I’ll let it be known, had I not met Zach and immediately said, “Well, I’m going to marry him and be a wife and mom…” I would probably gone on to learn more about storms and figure out a way to become a storm chaser.

There is a thrill behind hearing tornado sirens, getting those “Take shelter NOW” phone calls and watching the path the storm chooses to take.

Disclaimer: I do NOT like hearing news of families having their homes and lives ripped apart. I do NOT like hearing news of fatalities.

Watching the power of these storms, storms that leave houses on the left hand side of the street untouched while leaving the right hand side looking like a splinter pile…. incredible.

B.C., before children, I would stay outside as long as I possibly could, soaking it all in – the smell, the sights, the sounds…

But now, A.C., After Children, it’s not that easy. I have to set a good example. When I hear, “Take shelter immediately. Get to a safe location…” I have to do just that and my Mama Bear instincts take over – I. Must. Protect. My. Children.

Yesterday was one of those days. The storms that barreled through the midwest and then looping down into Alabama and Mississppi hit our area yesterday. At noon, I got the call that we were under a Tornado Watch until 9pm. Having watched the weather earlier that morning, I knew they weren’t playing around. I watched the sky darken and the wind pick up, heard the thunder in the distance and the phone calls started to come in.

Until the rain started, I stood in the yard with Benjamin, talking about the direction of the wind and rain, the ‘ingredients’ for this perfect storm setting up, and just soaked up the smells and sights of the oncoming storm.

As it started to rain, I knew it would get crazy fast. We got inside and on the local news, saw a tornado making its way through downtown Raleigh. We got the “Take shelter now” call. Normally, we don’t. But, this time, we needed to. I just knew.

We told the boys what we needed to do (Benjamin shocked me by telling me a firm, “NO” and took off for the window (child after my own heart!)) I dragged him to the bathroom, we turned the volume on the TV all the way up, grabbed some emergency candles, our phones and my laptop and hunkered down.

The lights started flickering. And I knew it was just a matter of time before we lost power. The big boys have turned to hating storms, even just rain will make Keaton cry – but they did great, even when the power did indeed go out, Thank you games on daddy’s phone!

I had friends updating my Facebook wall so that when we lost power, we could still know what was going on.

Then, as quick as it started. It stopped.

I peeked out and the sun was shining. The rain had stopped and I got a text saying that it was all clear.

The tornado had touched down a few miles from here, actually in the town where we had Keaton’s first birthday party!

We went and checked on a friends’ house who was out of town, and took the long way back home and did a bit of checking on the damage in Rolesville. Amazing.

We grabbed dinner and returned home, still without power (but had our friends’ generator should we need power). We tried to put the boys to bed as normal, even though we didn’t have power, it went fairly well 😉

We ended up getting power back around 930pm and were finally able to watch on TV the destruction in surrounding communities. Incredible.

Storms are definitely different now and I’m still amazed and in awe of their power, but it’ll be a few more years before I can enjoy them to their fullest again 😉


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