Getting a full mouth


Tooth #6 appeared this weekthe next two (on the bottom, hugging his front teeth), look like they are next. Who knows though. I thought he’d get those upper fangs first, since we noticed when he was about 4 weeks old that they were cracking the surface (?!!). Our pedi told us others would come all the way through first, but to be on the lookout. Anywho.

So 6 teeth total, by 8 months (Which was Tuesday).

8 Months:

Still trying to figure out the crawling thing, but …my kid can army crawl faster than your kid 😉

He’s pulling up on everything, starting to cruise. I’m wondering if he’ll bypass crawling altogether?

He loves blabbering – we have many “blah blah blah blah blah” conversations, and he thinks it is the funniest thing, well, the funniest next to Zach making funny faces and noises.

He pretty much eats whatever I throw on his tray (he’s much better with solids than Benjamin was, in terms of taking his time, gumming it up well, etc…) I lost count of what all he’s had.

He still nurses around the clock. I’m holding on and treasuring every second, since B & K both stopped at 9 months. However, there are indications that he won’t do that (you know, grabbing my shirt, peeking down and cackling…or kicking with excitement and giggling as we sit down, when I ask “Ready to eat?!” crazy kid).

He’s pretty stubborn, but I knew that when I went into labor 2 weeks early with him. He doesn’t care about “no” (He’ll turn and look, flash his dimple and keep on truckin’…) stubborn baby.

He’s going to be our nudist for sure. He hates having a diaper on, and screams bloody murder when I try to dress him in the mornings. Whew. Thankfully it’s been hot, so he hangs out in just a diaper lately – it’s just easier 😉 And cuter, hehe.

He has the best laugh, the best smile, the biggest eyes, and a ton of personality! My Mr. Man. Sugar. Sweet boy. Angry/Crazy Baby.


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