9 month (C) and 4 year (K) appt.


We had Keaton & Caedmon’s appt. this morning. Zach took the day off (for fun) and stayed home with Benjamin.

Caedmon was a wiggle worm and so his measurements are “ish” according to our pedi. πŸ™‚ Caedmon is 29.5in and 21.12lbs (forgot his head, but the nurse and pedi commented on the largeness of it) πŸ˜‰ He flirted with every lady in sight and amazed our pedi with all his teeth, his mama and dada skills, his charm, his ability to imitate and clapping & waving.

Keaton clocked in at 40in (but the pedi thought he was a smidge taller, he was standing funny when the nurse measured him) and 32lbs. He has perfect hearing and 20/20 vision. She loved talking with K and hearing his stories. We got his physical form all filled out and ready to go – One more form to finish and it can all go back to the preschool for his file!

Both boys checked out fine and ready to go for another year (Keaton) and 3 months (Caedmon), when we’ll have his 1 year and Benjamin’s 3 year appt. sigh.

Our weekend was insane – Saturday, I went for a run while the boys played at the park. I came home to clean up and then back to the park to pick up the guys. We then headed to a going away party for some friends heading overseas soon. From there, we rushed home for power naps and then our to nieces’ 4th birthday party. Home. Sleep. Up. Breakfast. Baths. Church. Home. Grill out. Makes a cake for baptisms. Power naps. Then to the lake for baptisms. Back home. More baths (due to much playing in the lake) and sleep. Zach finished his semester Friday night! He took today off, just because πŸ™‚


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  1. LOL, C weighs almost as much as Aria and she’s 2! What a string bean. I can’t believe he’s 9 months already!

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