I might need to change the channel…


If you know just a little bit about me you probably know (or might not, ha) that I love (love love) a good storm. When I was in college in Tennessee, I really wanted to become a storm chaser. We would get crazy storms rolling through and it was all I could do to obey the tornado sirens and stay inside, hunkered down in our quad bathroom with pillows and the TV blasting (the only time I didn’t like it was when I had to stay in a friends apartment overnight. Alone. While listening to sirens go off all night). Anywho. I’ve been glued to The Weather Channel (while the boys are asleep), just in awe of the storms this spring, most recently in Joplin, MO. It’s so heartbreaking.

Well, in between screaming baby fits last night, I had an incredibly vivid dream (I had been watching The Weather Channel while I couldn’t sleep). I had a dream I was standing on our front porch and there was a tornado “right” outside. I could feel wind on my face. It was crazy. I woke up with my hands gripping my bedside table!

Needless to say, there was no tornado here last night, it’s just time for me to find something else to watch.

And fyi: I always wanted to be on the Weather Channel growing up…now, the meteorologists get to play with iPads on air…seriously? I might have missed my calling 😉


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