#8, #9…poor baby


The kid can’t catch a break. #8 finally cut through. #9 is teetering, he’s miserable. He’s woken up screeching in the middle of the night the past couple of nights and nothing less than daddy holding him tight, smacking him on the bottom helps ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


We had a super fun weekend – making me realize that every weekend should have 3 days (but then I’d get even less done around here!)

Sunday afternoon, we went to a friend’s open house/gender reveal party. It was so fun to celebrate with them in their new home as we all discovered the surprise of the gender of their baby!

Monday, I spent cleaning the pantry and in the house some. We were just starting to discuss dinner plans when another friend (who has a son in Keaton’s Sunday school class and they think the other hung the moon!) sent me a message that they were having a last minute cookout. So we cleaned up and headed over. We had a blast – proven by Keaton’s first words this morning, “Can we go back to Jimmy’s house?!”

A weekend with loads of good food and sweet friends. Every weekend should involve that!

This weekend will be much of the same! Yay!


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