Did I tell you I got a job?


I don’t feel like it’s a job – it’s too much fun to be a job, but I’m being paid for my work and that qualifies it to be a job. It’s very part time, I work as I’m able (you know with a household to run and 3 small children to chase around…Thank goodness for my smart phone addiction, right?!)

Back story: in college, I took classes about everything – weather, business, music, marketing, journalism, education, camp counseling, sociology, psychology …4.5 years of ‘stuff’ makes up my lovely “Bachelor of Science in University Studies with a concentration in Liberal Arts”. (Has a better ring to it than, “Make up your mind and get out of school already”) 😉

I have found that this wide variety of ‘concentrations’ has prepared me more than I expected for my “life in the real world”. I know silly camp games and songs (even though I don’t really remember going to camps as a kid…and have the uncanny ability to change the words to songs to make kids laugh), I can explain the details of weather to my children, and have enough papers on sociology topics that I could probably make millions off my ‘research’ from those classes. 😉

Recently, my marketing and business classes have started to pay off. If you remember me blogging about Chunky Junk back in February, then you know where I’m going with this 😉  Andy asked me to help out a bit with marketing, social media and website things. My official title is Servant of Social Media (anyone who works with LOVOSO/Chunky Junk is a Servant to the orphans supported by the money raised). I keep laughing as I think back to my social media classes at MTSU and hearing about blogs. I thought it was ridiculous that someone would make public their life. I can’t remember if Facebook and/or Twitter were up and running yet, but it seems like I remember about one of them, and that was just silly in my mind too. Ahem. 😉 I also laugh because doula is Greek for servant, and I always seem to find myself in ‘serving’ positions. Everyone I’ve told about this job has the same reaction, “Wow. That is perfect for you!”

I’m not writing this to brag about my job…I’m writing it for my ‘records’, so one day I can look back and remember this fun thing I did and the sweet lives it affected. (and if you need some gorgeous jewelry, at a price that can’t be beat, and that supports an amazing cause…you should head on over! AND we’re working on building up the Facebook fan page, so if you’re a Facebooker, you should definitely go join!)


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