Only appropriate


The boys are always saying things that make me laugh…and wonder where they hear these things.

They are BIG time into a knock knock joke. Yes. A knock knock joke. But apparently, Benjamin is tired of hearing “knock knock.” On the way home from the chiropractor on Monday, Keaton said, “Hey Benjamin. Knock, knock.” ….silence. “Benjamin! KNOCK KNOCK!” ….silence. “BENJAMIN!!!! I SAID KNOCK KNOCK.”

Benjamin finally responded with, “Keaton, Me not want to play that game.” (yes, it annoys me, yes we try to correct him. Did I tell you that I’m stubborn and Benjamin is just like his mama?) 😉

A minute or two of silence…

Then Benjamin says, “Hey Keaton. Ding dong!” and lets out his hearty laugh…and proceeded to laugh for the next 2 miles!!!

Their new version of THE knock knock joke begins, “Knock knock, ding dong!”

I find this totally appropriate. A while ago a dear friend gave me a sign for our door that she had used while they were in Seminary housing and people would always stop by (so it goes in Seminary housing). The sign reads, “We are sleeping. Please come back later.” Since I don’t want to be bothered all day, I pretty much leave it as that all the time 😉 However some postal workers and delivery drivers (and neighborhood children selling stuff for school) have a hard time reading…

Typically, we will hear, even when the sign says to come back later, “KNOCK KNOCK DING DONG DING DONG!”

Like I said, only appropriate that this is their new version of knock knock jokes 😉


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