Waiting til they are ready


We used this approach when potty training Keaton. He just up and decided one day that he wanted to use the potty, and within a handful of days, he was completely day trained (we waited a couple weeks before venturing to night time as well). We gave him small rewards for his success, and deemed that we would definitely use the method in the future.

We thought Benjamin would be an eager beaver to want to learn to use the potty, but it’s been quite the opposite – in fact he’s had no real desire. A day here or there he’d show interest and we’d run with it, but it was definitely us pushing, and not him leading the way.

We joked for a long time (even before the recent interest) that we should totally start potty training while we were on vacation in VA at Zach’s parents, knowing we’d have extra hands to help wrangle the other boys, and that added praises for success would be sure to fuel the desire to “go”. Little did we know, this week, while we are on vacation in VA at Zach’s parents, Benjamin would take the initiative and decide to figure out this undies and potty thing!

We “started” Sunday after a spell of Benjamin screaming that his “body hurt” the whole way home from church and through half of lunch, and him having a major success, ahem, which got him super excited about all this potty business.

Monday was another successful day…

Today, we ventured an hour north to visit family and decided to let Benjamin travel in undies.

Call us crazy.

Call us stupid.

Call us a little funny looking as we dragged the little potty in and out of varying families houses 😉

He had one MAJOR accident while on our side trip, and another when we got home (a lil too excited to be OUT of the car I suppose), but quite a few successes, and not to mention he stayed dry til about 230pm.

We debated on when we should attempt night time diaper free. I felt like it was backtracking with Keaton when he could stay dry all day and then make him pee in a diaper at night. It only took a couple nights before he figured it all out…


to continue our crazy day…

Zach just put Benjamin to bed.

Diaper free.

We’ll see how this goes!

(more to come on our vacation soon) 😉


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