There’s something to be said…


for our method!

Last night, Benjamin stayed dry – all. night. long.!!!!!

Granted, he came downstairs after waking up and peed everywhere.

However, he has now accomplished a nap time and a night time completely dry. He has yet to have another accident since this morning and has been successful the rest of the day!

We are so so proud of him!

Crazy to think we came to Virginia with a toddler in diapers, and we’ll leave with a potty trained child! (Too bad I still have to pack all those diapers to get them home! HAHA)

Here’s the TMI (ie: if potty talk makes you squeamish, stop reading now) 😉

Most children have a hard time pooping in the potty, for whatever reason, that is NOT an issue for Benjamin (he LOVES to see what surprise awaits him, hahaha!…and then to discuss with everyone around!) Peeing has been a bit harder – I guess because #1 typically comes faster than #2. But he did great after nap time today in letting me know he had to go NOW!

He loves the praise he receives after a successful visit – probably more so than his prizes (which we decided to reverse – M&M for poo and hot wheels car for pee, since that’s apparently a bit harder for him to achieve).

So that’s the latest!


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