And he’s done


with diapers!

As much of a struggle it was to actually get that crazy boy to even go near the potty, I’m blown away to think it’s been a week (tomorrow) since he last wore a diaper (during the day, he still wore one Monday night, but that was the last one). And since it was on his terms, it was a BREEZE. He’s still stubborn and wants help in getting up his undies, but, other than that, we’re beyond impressed with Benjamin’s success this week. He made it the whole way home from VA without an accident (has been accident free, save when mommy forgot to leave the lid up earlier this morning, opps!, since Tuesday (maybe one accident Wednesday morning, after holding it all night…being on vacation made my days crazy)).

The only thing we have to do is get him off the little potty and going on the big potty – I think Keaton took just a couple weeks before he fully transitioned. So whenever B is ready, we’ll make that jump too.

We got home about 445 this afternoon, I promptly went in Benjamin’s room and packed up the rest of the diapers we didn’t take with us to VA., which, along with the ones we did travel with, were taking up 2 drawers in his dresser, and spread out his undies, socks and PJs into all three small top drawers – the extra room, love it!

As our big celebration of this fantastic accomplishment, Benjamin and I will be heading to a hibachi lunch at our favorite local Japanese restaurant on Saturday!! I can’t wait! 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll have vacation stories and pictures, I just had to brag again on our awesome little dude.

(for our records, Benjamin completely potty trained in less than a week at 35months, Keaton took a smidge longer, but was the exact same age!)


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