An 11 Month Old Caedmon


whhhhhhhhat? oh. my. word. How in the WORLD did 11 months just fly by? ugh. To think in a month & 1 day, we’ll be having a huge party for him & Benjamin… Unbelievable.

Saying that C is stubborn is an understatement. He knows what he wants and he will figure out how to get it. If he doesn’t get it, prepare for an ear lashing – this kid has some pipes and can screech with the best of them! Particularly, he just wants what you have to eat πŸ˜‰ He’s tried most everything we eat and loves it all (except his fight with a tortilla chip that went down the wrong way at a Mexican restaurant the other night. Note: Do not try to swallow those things whole!)

He is a charmer. He’ll grin at you, flashing his pearly whites and that heart-melting dimple, and then rest his head on mama or daddy and just keep grinning.

Speaking of mama or daddy, only we will do. If you aren’t us, don’t try to pick him up (again with the screeching!)

He tries to repeat everything we say (lots of “Did he just say ….???” around here these days). The only things that are obvious, are wow, ow, mama and dada …and the occasional ‘nom nom nom’. Seriously. I told you. He likes food.

He’s trying ever so hard to walk, but (thankfully) doesn’t have the balance. Loves holding onto fingers and exploring the house though!

He’s getting more hair, but it is SO baby fine, SO blonde (we’re pretty certain) and SO thin (sorry kid), that you just can’t see it. If he sleeps funny though, he’ll get bed head and you can see his fuzzy hair – love it. (And yes, he does still have his ‘3 little hairs’ up front).

Still 8 teeth – I can see 4 more ready and willing to come in any time soon.

Still eats ’round the clock (preferring to up his calorie intake at night time when there aren’t as many distractions) πŸ˜‰

Still *usually* takes three naps (2 “big naps” and a cat nap around dinner time), but the 3rd is hit or miss…sometimes so is the 2nd πŸ˜‰

Wearing mostly 18 month clothes all around, thanks to his broad shoulders and big thighs.

He is enamored by his big brothers, and wants to do whatever they are doing (soon enough sugar).

I cannot believe in one month, we will be celebrating your first birthday! It seems impossible. I’ll save the sap for them πŸ˜‰


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