Summer VA Trip


(I know, I’ve ‘owed’ this post for two weeks now…)

We love heading a couple hours north a couple times a year to see family, friends and eat at our favorite restaurant…and we are so happy to return home to Wake Forest. We drive around Roanoke and are so thankful for where we live now, not sure that anything would ever get us back to ‘the star city’ for good (whew). But we do love the company and try to pack as much into our short trips as possible.

This was our 2nd trip with 3 little ones – it looked like we were traveling the world with all the stuff we packed (and by “we” I mean “I” packed so we could pull out of the driveway the SECOND Zach got home) 😉 It took about a week to pack everything for us and a couple hours to get it all loaded in the van just so.

Zach got home, we grabbed dinner and off we left about 6pm on Friday the 8th. The boys did great, until about 30 minutes left and Caedmon was “Dee Oh In Ee” DONE! SCREAMING his precious head off. The Mama Bear in me wanted to stop, pull over, calm him, feed him, but the sensible side (not that Mama Bear’s aren’t sensible, ha!) kept saying, “You still have 30 minutes to drive, you HAVE to put him back in the car seat…” so I drove on…and made it to Papa & Grandma’s in record time. Ahem.

The boys were up WAY too late (B & K went to bed well after 10 and Caedmon at midnight, hahaa!) And of course, Keaton was up with the sun on Saturday. Nothing slows that boy!

We were quickly in the pool splashing the day away. Papa & Grandma wanted to take the boys to do different things each day, but we declined the offer because 1) Caedmon will ONLY nap in the pack & play at home. With his sound machine (Mommy fail #244,542) and 2) we never go do anything. Ever. I knew I was going to have a hard enough time detoxing them from a week of Papa & Grandma, I didn’t want to add to that “Where are we going today!?” (Instead it’s “Who is coming over today??” or “Who will we see today?!” hahaa!!!) Back to splashing. That’s about all we did on Saturday…

and again after church on Sunday. After church was when Benjamin decided it was potty time, and he’s been on a roll ever since. (we just need to get him on the BIG potty, and wean him off the little chair).

…and Monday…more swimming.

Tuesday we made the hour trek north to visit Zach’s grandmother. We spent an hour or so there, until the boys got a tad unruly and were are the brink of destroying her house 😉 Then met my mom at Macado’s for our Bi-Annual ‘stuff ourselves til we can’t move’ lunch 🙂 My mom and I had a couple errands to run and Zach drove the boys around in hopes of getting a nap in them (Keaton succeeded for about 20 minutes). Then off to visit with more family, and then back to Zach’s parents (all three boys took naps on this leg of the trip).

Wednesday was a bit over cast, but it ended up being perfect. Up until Wednesday, Caedmon had slept through every pool opportunity. Finally, on this day, he woke up and everyone else was asleep, so we took him out and he LOVED it! That ended up being the only pool time that day. This was also the day Keaton woke up and came to the back door and saw us in the pool with Caedmon and got MAD! either this day or another, he locked us out of his room he was so mad about it!

Thursday was more swimming 😉 And Papa & Grandma watched the big boys while mommy & daddy (and Caedmon) went out for some Mexican. There is an amazing Mexican restaurant near their house – phenomenal sweet tea, cheese dip with the perfect amount of kick and awesome service. We went for lunch last time, and got a different menu at dinner this time…so we were a bit confused as to what to get. We both ended up trying something new. I got the Pollo Fundido – basically shredded chicken in tortilla shells with spanish rice and cheese dip (yes, covered in cheese dip) and then deep fried. I got lettuce and cheese to put over it as well 😉 I told Zach if I had a heart attack that night, surely it was dinner. He got the California Burrito. The description said that it was “an over-sized burrito” – how big can it be? Massive. Zach took a little less than half of it home with him.  Both our dinners were amazing. When we got home, we discovered the big boys helped to make a Fruit Pizza and so we got to sample that – Caedmon included 😉 Thursday also marked the day when Zach dropped his phone in the pool 😉

Friday was more swimming. We decided to leave on Saturday so we’d have a day to get back to normal, get laundry done (and so I would have some help in the beginning stages of detoxing the boys!) So we soaked up the pool on Friday. Our plan was to leave when C was ready for an afternoon nap, wearing out the big boys in the pool that morning. A new phone for Zach arrived this day. 😉

Saturday, we woke up to a very overcast, almost chilly morning. It had been cooler the night before and the temperature in the pool dropped a couple of degrees, making it almost unbearable.

In the boys went! We made SURE of it! They had a blast. (we went in too. Brrrr)

It was nearing the time for C to wake, so I went in, finished packing and getting everything set up to go in the van.

Zach got the van loaded, and we had to pack VERY strategically this time in case Benjamin needed to use the potty – we had to be able to access him AND the potty quickly (of course, that never had to happen! But we were ready!)

We got home, unloaded, ate dinner and took a deep breath… and relaxed.

After a whirlwind week, I think Zach & I were ready for our vacation 😉

We had so much fun and are kind of sad that next summer we probably won’t get to go (with the way Zach’s class schedule will play out, he’ll need to save his vacation days so he can take classes and skip work :-/) …not saying *I* won’t take the boys, ha!

Please feel free to click through and see the pictures we took here. I’ll try to add some to the blog soon (again, it’s a super pain on wordpress, so I need ample time to work through them…and it took me 2 weeks to get this post up, so don’t hold your breath) 😉


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