And we have a walker. And a ham.


And just like that, Caedmon is up and walking.

He still has a good number of falls, but no more crawling for this boy…that’s for babies. ahem. Little does he know he is still one! 😉

I’ll try to get a video up soon.

He thinks he is something else.

He is quite the ham bone. He’ll do something over and over and over and over and over just to get a laugh out of you…

And then he starts laughing…

And he has this infectious laugh…

And he thinks everything is funny, so he laughs a lot.

He is trouble with a capital T.


In 33 days, my big baby boy starts pre-school.

In 10 days, my middle baby boy turns 3.

In 14 days, my baby turns 1.

I was thinking what to write next, and I thought, “Isn’t there a song like...mamas don’t let your babies grow up…too fast..or something?? Oh wait… to be cowboys… Yeh…not the song I was thinking of” 😉


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