Happy first birthday, Caedmon!!!!


You gave us a run for our money, exhausting your mama before you were even born!
But 1 year ago, we welcomed you into the world after a whirlwind labor.
Some days, I feel that was a lifetime ago…
Other days, I feel like it was just weeks.
You surprised us all (except your daddy and our doula who both said you would be early!) by arriving almost 2 weeks “early” and fairly quick.
You surprised us by being a boy (with as sick as I felt the entire time, we were certain you were a girl!)
You surprised us by being so tiny (7lbs4oz, 20in) compared to your big brothers).
You didn’t surprise us when you stole our hearts immediately.

Caedmon Luke, you have brought so much joy, loudness, zaniness, and laughter to our home. You are by far the biggest ham in this house. You love to laugh and make others laugh (I foresee many calls from future teachers!)

You are incredibly strong, stubborn, and smart. When you have your heart and mind set on something, you find a way to get it…I think this will come in handy with two big brothers!

At 12 months, you have:

  • 8 teeth (all 4 front on top and bottom), working on two 1 year molars on bottom and 4 more upper teeth
  • a lot of fuzzy hair that is super blonde, super soft, and super baby fine
  • your ‘3 little hairs’, still 🙂 Not sure if I’ll ever cut them 😉

(I hesitated to post the “spit up picture”, but let’s be real, this was our life for quite a few months!)

At 12 months, you are:

  • Walking everywhere and barely crawling anymore
  • Trying so hard to run and keep up with your big brothers
  • Clapping (as of 8/18/11!) — I think all our boys ‘mastered’ clapping the week of their first birthday!
  • A jabberer, you ‘jabber’ all day long – only real words, mama, dada, book (boooooooooo-ua) diaper (diiiiiii) and door (duh, duh duh) – I wouldn’t count the last 3, but you say them when referencing the correct item…
  • You try to repeat everything we say
  • Stacking blocks (and of course, knocking them down!)
  • Learning to roll a ball

You don’t seem to show a fondness for anything in particular yet (other than mama and daddy!…and food!) As long as you can ingest it or chew on it, you’re golden! You do love books (looking at them yourself and being read to) and toys you can clank together to make very loud, boy noises with!

At 12 months, you are wearing:

  • Size 18month & 2T shirts (due do your broad chest and shoulders, and your biceps…seriously!)
  • Size 12month shorts (we’re going to have a real problem come fall, you NEED 2T pants for the length, but even 12 months pants just slide off you!)
  • I finally pulled out some Medium cloth diapers for you, you could still stand to use the smalls, but we’re making the mediums work…I felt silly having such a big boy in small diapers 😉
  • No shoes, we’ll start on that soon though, as you’re getting to where you want to walk when we are out

You still don’t sleep though the night (told you, attached to mama!) 😉 You were so close, and then these molars started cutting their way through. The past few nights in particular have been miserable (for all parties involved!) You love every food we have let you try (except frozen strawberries…???!!!) however, you have a graham cracker addiction (you get that honest, sorry…Just wait til I put peanut butter on it…or sneak some chocolate chips on that peanut butter…you’ll think you’re in heaven…) 😉

You still don’t like unfamiliar people (at all). (so if you’re ‘new’, sorry! Nothing personal!) However, you like the attention you get from people – you created quite the commotion in Red Robin the other night at a nearby table. Also, noteworthy, you are so jumpy! We have to be careful around you with loud noises, books that make noise, etc… If you don’t know that we’re coming, you jump off the ground! We’re not TRYING to scare you…you just jump! 🙂

You make some ridiculous faces. It’s pretty awesome.

You love the outdoors (this is our sure fire way to calm you down if you get so incredibly worked up that we don’t know what to do!) You just stop and let the wind blow across your face (and three little hairs, hehe), look for the birds making noise…and your little body relaxes and calms down… Not that you ever get that worked up…

I mentioned that you aren’t big on night time sleep, but boy do you love your naps (when molars aren’t wrecking a good thing). Still taking 3 naps a day most days. Usually a good, long nap in the morning and a couple cat naps in the afternoon. You want to give up the morning nap, but you don’t seem to want to move that long chunk to later in the day…that must happen, just fyi 😉

Caedmon Luke. You are something else. You’re big (though not as big as you think!) You’re tough. You’re smart. You’re incredible. You have such a sweet spirit about you. What a joy to have watched you grow over this past year, and be amazed, and humbled, at the honor that I get to be your mama. Here’s to another year, filled with your belly laughs, squeals of delight, wonder of the world around you…

We love you, sweet boy!


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