We had a Parrrrrrrrrrty!


Since 3 full days separate Benjamin & Caedmon’s birthday (Aug15/Aug19), we did a joint party for them this weekend…Caedmon couldn’t protest, and Benjamin told me it was “fun having Caedmon at his party” (haha!)

The only part I worried about was the whole singing Happy Birthday and candles and cake eating/smashing…but we made it work 🙂

Last summer, I wanted SO bad to do a pirate party, but Benjamin told me a few weeks before his birthday that he was scared of pirates (and being hugely pregnant, I knew I couldn’t pull off what I wanted), so we did sock monkey party instead 🙂 So for a year, I’d been dreaming up a pirate party (not thinking a year ago it would be for TWO children!)

Again, we hired a friend to take pictures, and it was totally worth it…To not have to think about taking a single picture – bliss. She just snapped away (and captured over 300 pictures of our crazy afternoon!)

It all started with the cake… (well, my ideas, not the party…though cake to start WOULD be fun!) 🙂

It was SO much fun to make – I’m definitely enjoying these “make something fun out of something normal” kind of cakes.(and yes, his head is supposed to be tipped to the side. The original picture showed that…it’s still bugging me, hahaha)

So, those were the colors I wanted the day to revolve around…

You can see all pictures here.

But we had a Treasure Hunt with all our friends that came, the food was yummy (Chum Pasta/Baked Ziti, Gold Doubloons/Chick-fi-a Nuggets, Seaweed Dip/Spinach Dip, Cannon Balls/Watermelon balls, etc…) We had pirate hooks, tattoos, and even some grog 😉 (seminary friends, don’t worry, it was just root beer) 😉

We also had some Chunky Junk set up for our guests shopping pleasure.

The boys got spoiled rotten with more than they could even dream of…

Caedmon loves cake… (you’re not surprised are you?!)

Benjamin is convinced he is a pirate now 😉

Thank you to Aunt Meagan, Uncle Mark, Cousins Karis, Karlie & Abbi, Miss Ashley, Mr. Rob, Jimmy & Joshua, Aunt Whitney, Uncle Ron, Sophie & Eli, Papa, Grandma, Bebe, Uncle David, Aunt Dianne, Miss Susan and Mr. Andy and Miss Ashley for making our parrrrrrrty so much fun for our guys!!!!!

….now, here’s to a party break! 😀


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