New ‘do


Last week, Keaton asked for “spiky” hair, like Benjamin…Since it was well past time for him to have a haircut, we obliged and got him a new ‘do…

Then it was mama’s turn. I just got a hair cut a few weeks ago, but, it was gross already…and I wasn’t thrilled with it…You know – how I’ve looked since I was about 12 😉

My friend that has been cutting my hair keeps hinting highlights, and I’ve wanted them so bad, but I just didn’t want to commit. I finally found a style that I loved and asked her thoughts. She responded with an enthusiastic YES!!!!…with HIGHLIGHTS!!! 🙂

We found a time that worked for both of us and last night, I headed over…

I left about 3 hours later:I love love love it (and midwives. ha) 😉

I was so sad to go to sleep and mess it all up last night, but I was able to replicate it this morning, and have even had some time to play with it and figure out a few other things I can do with it.

Benjamin woke up when I got home and started screaming for me. I went to his room and asked him why he was crying. His response: “I just want to see your hair…” sweet boy. I turned on his light and he grinned and mumbled “preeeettty” and rolled over to go back to sleep 😉

Keaton didn’t notice til an hour or so after we’d be up and playing…And he is our perceptive child, haha 😉

Caedmon hasn’t really acted weird or anything…

Zach loves it too 🙂

I’m still doing double takes when I walk by mirrors, but I love it!

Now, to batten the hatches for Irene!


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