1year and 3year Check Up


Taking all three children, 2 of which have appointments, is nothing for the faint of heart…But it is so much easier to do multiple appointments in one trip rather than go back another time.

We got there and the lady handed me a clip board and said the first two sheets are for Benjamin and the last three are for Caedmon. I looked at her, repeated and started to fill out the top sheet …

…for Caedmon.

She walked by, and said, “the top sheets are for BENJAMIN…”

Of course. (Mom fail #1)

This is all surrounded by “Keaton, honey, please don’t pull on that…Benjamin…Stay over here…Shhhh Caedmon…I know, it’s nap time…” over and over and over…

We get called back, and while we LOVE our pediatrician, the nurses lack…a lot. There is one we love and I was THISCLOSE to just asking for her this morning…but, I didn’t. (mom fail #2). The nurse grabbed Keaton and put him on the scale and started talking about how weird it was that the 3 year old was taller than “the other kid”… (nurse fail #1, ha). I agreed (mom fail #3) and then realized that she had the wrong kid.. (mom fail #4)

Prior to the appt., I had talked with Benjamin about how they would test his hearing and vision and how he’d have to pee in a cup — HYSTERICAL laughter came from this child – “WE Don’t pee in a CUP!!!!!!!” he said. I quickly responded, “Right. At home you don’t. But we do at the doctor’s office….” Benjamin interjected, “We don’t when we see Dr. Davis….” sigh. “No, honey. Just for Dr. P…” It came time for the elusive cup peeing adventure, and he refused to do it. They let it slide. “This time.”

The original nurse couldn’t get the vision and hearing machines to work properly, so she brought in the awesome nurse, who hung around for the rest of the time, “Just in case.”  (She had to sense my frustration!)

The original nurse starts asking the routine questions, and apparently got so frustrated with the way we do things (I guess?) that she just started filling in her own answers (seriously). (big nurse fail #…whatever). (Example: She asked how much juice and milk Caedmon drinks. I said, “He’s never had either..” She said, “Never? None?” Me: “No. Never a drop of either.” She wrote down, “Daily.” …???? When she asked that question for Benjamin, I said, “He rarely has milk and I think I can count on one hand the times he has had juice in his life, so I’d say ‘rarely’ for milk, and ‘never’ for juice…” She looked at me like I was an idiot for never providing these essentials for my children…and wrote down “sometimes”…. Guess that was a good enough explanation, ha)

Our pedi comes in and I immediately inform her of what the nurse did with the form. She hesitated for a second and looked at the form. She asked me a couple random questions from it, said, “I’ll be right back…” and returned about 15 minutes later… with a smile, and apology and 2 new forms…so we had to go through all the questions again.

She looked C over and deemed him perfect and we talked about testing his iron, that it is routine at years 1 and 2. She said we could decline if we would like (does she know me or does she know me? hehe), and asked what I would like to do. I told her that I actually wanted him to be tested because I have a lot of issues with low iron and Keaton was anemic. So, the good nurse came in, did the bloodwork, while Caedmon sccccccreamed bloody murder. It scared Benjamin a bit, and Dr. P sat on the floor with B in her lap and asked him all sorts of questions about his birthday party. (This was 3 fold, 1- because she’s awesome. 2- because she wanted to gauge his speech. 3- because she’s awesome. wait. Yeh. she is.) 🙂

Then it was Benjamin’s turn to get checked out. Perfection. We talked about his speech for a bit, and she is super impressed with his sentence structure and how he clues into things, a couple little quirks about his speech, but she said he is a typical 3 year old and he sounds great – no cause for concern at this point in time (I was only slightly concerned, but after talking with her for a bit about specific things, no more concern) 🙂


Benjamin at 3 years: 33lbs, 38.5in

Caedmon at 1 year (he was squirming and screaming, numbers are estimates) : 24lbs, 31in.

((and I had to go back and see previous 1 year stats. Benjamin was 24lbs and 33in. Keaton was 19lb13oz and 31.25in.)) Benjamin might really be our biggest!!I thought it was VERY interesting that B & C weigh the same. I feel like Benjamin was SO much heavier at this point in time…

Also, Caedmon has had 4 teeth cut in the last week or so – all 4 one year molars. 4 more upper teeth are THISCLOSE to cutting through, and his bottom eye teeth are ‘inching’ closer.

Then we filled up the van in preparation for Hurricane Irene, (and because my gas light was on, hehe), grabbed lunch and came home…C couldn’t even eat lunch or nurse he was so tired…Benjamin & Keaton just whined through lunch and are starting to settle down and rest now…my chance to turn on the Weather Channel and catch up!



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