Meet the Teachers!


Keaton will start preschool tomorrow morning. Today, we went and met his teachers!

We received a letter a couple weeks ago announcing that he would be in the Fish Class (I think when I taught preschool, my class was Fish…I remember our 1st bulletin board being…fishy…) ๐Ÿ™‚

Anywho, we went in today and met Ms. Kim & Ms. Linda and LOVE them!

They have both been teaching for-almost-ever. And you can tell just by talking with them that they love what they do and are so eager for a new school year to start!

Only half the class was there (they staggered the ‘meet & greet’) but Keaton had so much fun playing with new friends.

It was so weird to be on this side of signing up for ‘playdoh mom’ and ‘party mom’…


No tears were shed by mama (yet).

Keaton was NOT happy about leaving behind his new friends and toys!

Tomorrow: First Day!


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