Keaton Starts Preschool!


The day finally came!Yes, I’m only slightly paranoid about posting the name of the preschool on my blog 😉 All the other mommys and daddys will thank me later 😉

He was sooo excited to be going back and meeting all his friends, seeing his teachers again and, most importantly, playing with all the toys 😉

I walked him to his classroom, and hung out for a few minutes.

He finally looked at me and asked, “Mom, when are you leaving?”

I laughed so hard, gathered myself, kissed my baby big boy and reminded him to be a good listener and friend, thanked his teachers and started the long journey back to the van.

I bawled shed a couple tears once I was back in the van…all the other moms remembered their cameras…I had left mine at home… ::face smack:: 😉

The morning drug by. Zach had taken the day off work, C napped all morning, B played legos with Zach…I watched the clock all morning 😉

It was finally time to go pick him up!

They dismiss one at a time to avoid mass chaos and one of his teachers pulled me aside and gave me a look, and said, “Your son…”

Tears started forming in my eyes…

Here, the first day of preschool and I’ve got that kid (I taught preschool…we had that kid in our class…I wanted the earth to swallow me whole…I couldn’t even fathom what he had done on the FIRST DAY to make his teacher pull me aside…)

She grinned the biggest grin and said, “He is the sweetest boy! And he listens so well! He said he’s never been to preschool before, but he knows what he is supposed to be doing!” She apologized, as they really aren’t ‘supposed’ to pull parents aside at dismissal and talk about the day, but she just ‘had to rave about him’.

After the blood came back to my head, I thanked her again, we collected his things and made our way out of the building…

and the stories began!

He had SO much fun making new friends, and building and destroying and playing and learning…

I hesitated as the school year began…did he really need to go to preschool? Did we really need to be paying for this? But even after 1 day, I’m so thankful that we are able to and that we are.

Now, if he’d just take a nap already!!! He’s GOT to be tired — his stories made me tired 😉

Within 2 hours of the school day ending, the lead teacher had already emailed out a recap of the day (she will do this everyday), as well as some ‘class notes’…turns out I heard about 1/4 of Keaton’s day 😉


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