What a long, strange (2) week(s) it’s been…


I left off with Keaton starting preschool – 2 weeks in, he absolutely loves it! This morning on his way home, he said, “Mommy. I really love preschool!” Let’s see, we left off where he was starting school…

That Friday & Saturday, Zach led a songwriter’s retreat at our church. His parents came in town to help me out with the boys. That Saturday afternoon, right around the time they brought B & K back from a morning out, I started to feel icky. I ignored it for a couple hours, but quickly realized that I was developing mastitis (again). We had plans to go out to dinner with his parents and sister’s family, and I thought I would be fine. We got to the restaurant and I couldn’t even focus to look at the menu and try to figure out what I wanted – Zach ended up telling me what to eat (and I barely ate it). I just sat there holding up my head and trying to stay awake. By the time we got home, I was freezing, shaking, achy, miserable. I quickly started in with some garlic and around 1am my fever broke and I was starting to feel better. I tried to take it easy on Sunday, despite feeling better and really GET better.

Monday began a crazy week of Zach prepping for a class ((for our ‘records’ – he switched his degree program putting a graduation date actually in sight!!! May 2013!!!! This meant changing classes for the semester though – and this particular class was going to be meeting this weekend)). So, all week, he prepared for that.

Friday came and he took the day off since his class started at 2pm. However, it worked out well that he was at home, because I needed to take Caedmon to the pediatrician. He was on day 3 of a fever and nothing I was trying was helping him. He started Wednesday at 99.9, Thursday was around 101 and Friday morning it was up to 102. Thursday we had gone to the chiro because I was certain that it was ear infection, but she said that it didn’t appear to be that. When the spike in fever came, I knew there some something going on. I needed to know what so I could figure out how to best help him. We got in first thing – no ear infection (both ears were “beautiful” and “not even thinking about getting an infection!”), throat was a bit swollen and red, no cough, no congestion, nothing that indicated anything. This concerned me, but concerned our pedi even more. She kept saying, “I don’t like this…I do not like this…”

We talked about what it could be, what we could do and the pros and cons of all these.

I agreed to a strep and flu test and allowed her to do a CBC. Flu & strep came back negative and CBC showed a viral infection of some sort – but the numbers didn’t jump off the page and say it’s “This” or “that”…she continued to repeat “I do not like this….”

All she could say was “it’s a mean old bug that is being ugly and saying, ‘I’m not going to show you who I am!'”

We talked for a bit about what we could do from here on out, her totally respecting my desire not to do anything “aggressive” unless absolutely necessary.

Since all Caedmon wanted to do was nurse (he spit out just about all solids on Thursday/Friday/the first half of Saturday) and snuggle, we agreed that was indeed the ‘best medicine’ for him right now. She offered me a prescription for an antibiotic “should I want it” (I took it, only because it was Friday and IF we needed it, I didn’t want to have to go to Urgent Care for something like that).

On my way out, I stopped by the nurses station and asked for a copy of the CBC – All I knew was there were a lot of numbers and I wanted to see exactly what they were (and learn something). She made a copy for me, and wrote down the “ranges” the numbers were supposed to fall in and did a bit further explaining for me!

My mom came in this weekend to help out since Zach would be gone even more and it worked out so well that she did. Caedmon screamed all night Saturday night (I’m talking about 9 hours straight). We talked on Sunday morning and Zach told me just to fill the prescription until we could get Caedmon back in…something else was up.

(in the midst of this, Keaton came home from preschool coughing and wheezing…but was over that by dinner time).

Zach led worship on Sunday morning (and Caedmon was kind enough to fuss/scream/cry/talk through the entire worship set that I barely got to hear any of it). I got his prescription filled and gave him the first dose after lunch time.

Around 2 or 3, I noticed a rash on his face. I had been making dinner for a friend and us, so I figured Zach was just “scruffing” him with his beard. But then I remembered the rash was there before that…I freaked thinking it was a reaction to the antibiotic…but I remembered it was there before THAT…

So I just stared at C all afternoon trying to figure it out.

After his bath, I was rubbing his tummy (Why? Why not? His skin is ridiculously soft, and I can’t not touch it, why is their skin so soft? sigh) But I realized his tummy wasn’t ‘so soft’….nor was his back…


a rash on his back AND tummy…


I did a quick search and suddenly it ALL came back to me.


Benjamin had it at about this same time (seriously…just 1 month later! So weird).

I put a call into our pedi just to be sure she agreed with me on the self-diagnosis, but I’m waiting to hear back.

…and now it’s Monday again. We’re all ready for a ‘normal’ week (the first since Keaton started preschool) and a regular (we hope!) upcoming weekend!

::deep breath & go!::


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