I don’t care who ya are…


This is funny …

Taking Keaton to preschool this morning, we passed a lady walking a dog. The dog had a fluffy tail that stood straight up in the air. The 13 year old in me was cracking up laughing. The mommy in me kept a straight face and kept driving, thinking, “No way did the boys see the dog from the back of the van.” Seconds later, Benjamin starts giggling and Keaton BUSTS out laughing and says, “Mommy, that dog had a funny butt!”

Yes. Yes it did.


I was prepping dinner after getting Keaton from preschool. I was making chicken divan, and mixing together the ‘sauce’. I like to mix the chicken in with the ‘sauce’. Well, I had mixed in everything BUT the chicken and Keaton turned away to take a bite of his lunch. When he looked back I had added the chicken and was stirring it all together. His eyes got HUGE and he said, “MOM! It’s turning into CHICKEN!!!! Is that how you make chicken?!” Oh dear. I didn’t even know WHERE to begin with that one.


There’s a house near us decorated for Halloween, complete with an inflatable pumpkin with ghosts coming out of it. They set it up last Friday morning while Keaton was at school, and we saw it on our way to get Keaton. When K came out of his class, Benjamin screamed, “KEATON!!!! You missed it!!! There was a pumpkin with snowmen in it!!!!!!” The moms looked at me like I was an idiot, I just laughed and said, “Ghosts, honey. They were ghosts!” I told Zach I wanted to say, “Here’s the churched kids who don’t know what a dang ghost is!”

But Benjamin has a hard time saying “Ghosts”. He instead says “Ghostsestess”. One of the few words I won’t bother to correct ANY time soon πŸ˜‰

Love that these boys keep me laughing!


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