I ended my last post with, “Tuesday has to be better, right?”

It was 🙂 I got “my call” and went and helped a mama and daddy bring their sweet baby girl into the world.

Wednesday, about 3 hours after I got home, we were up & at ’em getting ready for preschool and Caedmon’s appointment. His appointment went great and our pedi had no issues referring him for chiropractic work for his legs and hips. We’ll start that on Monday morning and keep going til he’s better 🙂

While we were there, I brought up Keaton being evaluated for speech therapy (we had discussed this a couple of times with our pedi in the past). She agreed, without talking TO Keaton on this particular visit that it was wise (basically, if WE thought he needed it, his teachers thought he needed it and speech pathologist grandma agreed, then, yes, we’d move forward).

So I’ve been on the phone since 10am working on the details of that, getting our insurance lined up and all. They need to get a Dr’s. Order for the speech, so that has been sent to our pedi and she needs to send that back, and then we can begin.


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