Keaton’s preschool class is the “Fish Class.”

Each day they are in school, there is a Star Fish.

The Star Fish is responsible for bringing snack and an item from home for show & tell.

But the best part is the bag:

Each cycle through, there is a new toy to go home for the night/weekend with the Star Fish, and 1-2 books to read before coming back to school with the bag and the contents (including the ‘show & tell box’).

This coming week is “P” week, so we had to think hard about what started with a “P”…

And then, we remembered a very special toy Mr. Andy brought back from India for Keaton

Yes, it’s an elephant. But elephants are also called Pachyderms. 🙂

(And how cool is it that there is a BABY elephant inside this elephant?!)

Both Keaton and Benjamin were super excited that Clifford was coming home for the weekend! We enjoyed the Clifford book, but we enjoyed “Fish Class, Fish Class, Who Do You See?” even more!

SO much fun to see Keaton go through and get all excited about his class mates!

We’ll be making Pumpkin Muffins to send back on Monday!


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