The Crud v. The Jones’


We have had IT in our house.

IT started with Keaton coming home from preschool wheezing on Nov. 2. We tried our natural tricks and nothing was touching his cough. Thursday afternoon, we had to move to his nebulizer, and a dr’s. appt Friday afternoon. Here is the email I sent to family after the appt:

We got there and Keaton was running a low grade fever (I’d wondered as during nap time, he LOOKED like he was running a fever, but, he wasn’t in the morning, so I didn’t think too much about it).

The nurse listened to his chest and said, “Does he have asthma?” His pulse ox was wavering between 96 and 97. I confirmed that he had been diagnosed with that at 16 months.

I mentioned that we owned a nebulizer and that we had been doing breathing treatments for the past 24 hours. Without saying a word, the nurse grabbed a nebulizer from a room and did a double dose breathing treatment, with a dose of Tylenol in the middle for the fever.

We rechecked pulse ox, still 96. Still sounding horrible in the chest.

Dr. P and I talked for a minute about what was going on, her concerns, her suggestions.

The nurse did a nose swab for RSV (she said if he was the baby, she wouldn’t have checked, but since there were littler ones, she wanted us to be able to protect them if he was positive). Ears are clear as day. Throat wasn’t even red (she expected to see red and swollen).

Dr. P said that she really wanted to give Keaton an oral steroid and an antibiotic. I told her that we were here because we’d exhausted our arsenal at home and he needed something stronger. We talked about how I don’t like to give antibiotics, but, since he hasn’t had one in about 2.5 years, I had no problem giving him one now.

She wanted to administer another breathing treatment, as well as a ‘starter steroid’ (half dose) and re-check things. So we did. Pulse Ox was still at 96, but she said that she could hear things loosening up in his chest afterwards.

We discussed again the oral steroid and antibiotic to make sure we were on the same page, and then discussed the future of this “super crud”.

She gave me things to watch for….If he is the same or worse, we are to return on Monday for chest x-rays to make sure it hasn’t turned into pneumonia. RSV came back negative at this point. She wants us doing a breathing treatment every 2-3 hours during the day in hopes that it’l build up in his system and allow him some more rest at night, instead of having to get up every 4 hours and do a 15 minute treatment.

We had a pretty rough weekend, complete with Caedmon joining in the fun by Sunday with a horribly croupy cough. We returned to the pedi on Monday morning for Keaton AND Caedmon:

Keaton first – despite eating as normal, had lost weight (no explanation…but this concerned her). He had some yellow tint to his eyes and the nurse and Dr. P were worried about mono. He was still running a low-grade fever (100.9 this time) and pulse ox was between 96/97. She listened to his chest and asked when his last breathing treatment was (6am – appt was at 9am), so we went ahead and did a double dose. While his wheeze is mostly gone, his cough is still centered around his chest and he’s just having a hard time, one cough leads to another and he just can’t stop. We did a double dose treatment and the pulse ox was even lower (wavering between 92-94…it should have gone up). They did blood work and tested for mono – negative on mono and blood work looked completely normal. She really wanted to give 2 injections of antibiotics (AFTER I told him no more needles, haha) and do chest x-rays. She could tell that I was not at all comfortable with this, and so we held off for today. She said she would call me to see where we stood tomorrow, and possibly schedule the chest x-rays then. She is (and we are) very concerned about it turning into pneumonia, as nothing is ‘moving’. She didn’t feel that they were 100% necessary today AND we would have to go to the little WakeMed next door for that, and I started crying at the mention of that, haha….So we are in a holding/continue what we’re doing pattern with him.

Caedmon – started in last night with a HORRIBLE cough. We slept sitting up and woke up around 1am soaked – I thought he had peed out his diaper, but it was ME sweating. I took his temp and it was 100.1. The coughing continued all night… His temp was back to normal and he had gained a pound in the past month (or so, whenever he was in there for roseola…4-6 weeks ago). His right ear is very infected. He wouldn’t open his mouth to check his throat, so we had to assume that was fine. “Thankfully” he performed his disgusting cough a number of times and Dr. P said that it was most likely the same thing Keaton has (what EVER that is). She asked if I wanted to treat it at home or just tackle it w/ a prescription. Normally, I’d try treating it, but I’m sick of this thing floating around my house (I for real had a dream last night about these little “blobs” that were literally hanging out in our house….) I asked for the prescription and she gave the same antibiotic as Keaton. She hesitated on the oral steroid, and decided against it, however she did make a note in his chart that if he doesn’t improve, then he gets that too (I have a feeling we’ll be in for a show if he gets the steroid, cameras will be ready for entertainment capturing purposes). …the antibiotic is a 5-day one, so we’ll hopefully start to see improvement by the time we go back. OH, she tested him for RSV and that came back negative.

Benjamin, had a slight cough on Saturday after all this attention was placed on Keaton. So I gave him a dose of the disgusting children’s delsym…He hasn’t coughed since 😉

We are to go back on Friday to follow-up on their coughs assuming that we aren’t in there sooner. We have that appt scheduled for 8am Friday…I’m working on getting a chiro appt lined up as well.

On Wednesday (Nov 9), Benjamin started in with the cough and we also received an email from Keaton’s preschool teachers that a child in his class was diagnosed with ‘Walking Pneumonia’. We got to our follow up appt on Friday morning:

Well, after a thorough examination, of all three:

Keaton is doing SO much better. His lungs do not sound wet. He still has a nasty cough, but it’s very productive (more so than I thought/felt). He’s gained back the weight he lost. Ears/nose/throat/eyes look great.

Caedmon had an ear infection in his right ear. He now has a double ear infection….We couldn’t look at his throat, but from the outside, she couldn’t feel any swelling. His face is covered in lovely, yellow snot. And his cough is the worst out of all three. He had gained almost a pound in a week – no concern about his appetite, haha!

Benjamin developed a nasty cough on Wednesday, and actually sounded so good this morning, I wasn’t even going to mention it. But she asked if he HAD been coughing. “Yes.” She ran and got his chart too. He has an ear infection as well as a red/swollen throat. As she listened to his chest, she heard wheezing…

SO… cont. antibiotics for all three, oral steroid for Benjamin, as well as 3x a day breathing treatments. Cont what we are doing as far as breathing treatments for Keaton.

We’ll go back next Friday afternoon for a follow-up on all of them.

On top of all this, Zach has been coughing all week…

Thankfully, I’ve avoided it. I’ve felt ‘rundown’ the past 2 days, but, I’m staying on top of natural remedies to try and beat it, along with taking it easy.

Word of advice: do not come near our house 😉


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