Caedmon at 15 Months


Caedmon turned 15 months on Saturday. I’m still trying to figure out how.

At his last appt (follow-up visit on the 19th from having a double ear infection) he weighed in at 26lbs2oz. (length was not checked)

New tricks:

  • trying to talk so much – car, truck, mama, dada, go, outside (‘ah-si’ while pointing to the door), cup, book, ball, more (and signs ‘more’ at the same time), please (‘puh’), phone (“pha” while pointing to Zach’s phone. He has a ‘drawing’ app that Caedmon is addicted too), toes (‘tas’ while pointing to toes), five (“five” or ‘fi’ while giving high five), blocks (‘blac’)
  • He’s VERY good at showing you what he wants by pointing or by bringing you/it to it/you
  • So cute. When I say, “We need to be quiet, brothers are sleeping!” if he wakes up before them at naptime, he sticks his fat little finger over his mouth and goes “shhhhh”
  • He managed to stay through an entire Sunday school class for the first time on Sunday
  • Giving high fives (we’re working on “punch it” or “knuckles” as our pedi calls it)
  • He has started stacking very small blocks (for a few months he has enjoyed stacking books in a pile)
  • Getting Mega Blocks to ‘stick’ together
  • Gives great big hugs & kisses when you ask


  • a hambone – thrives on being the center of attention, but new situations still terrify him and only mama or daddy will do
  • loves all food, especially meats, but can put away fruits & veggies like no other. He also had the pleasure (?) of discovering goldfish and is addicted
  • is nursing
  • adores his big brothers
  • loves music and claps & dances all the time
  • makes the goofiest of faces


  • 18month or 2T pants/shorts (yes, shorts – it was nearly a gorgeous 80 degrees yesterday!)
  • 18month or 2T shirts
  • He hates hard-soled shoes due to the way he walks, but we got him some PRESH soft-soled shoes from Baby O Designs and he adores them
  • Medium cloth diapers (didn’t think we’d EVER graduate out of smalls, haha!)

Some favorites:

  • Books: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? He also loves any “touchy-feely” books (ones with different textures)
  • Toys: Pop up toy (has 5 different actions – turning key, sliding key, pushing, etc… each makes an animal pop up), mega blocks, cars
  • Food: Beef, goldfish, any fruit or veggie – really, any food.
  • Every night Zach and I watch an episode of MacGyver on Netflix and Caedmon LOVES this too 😉

I’m too tired and lazy to upload and make pictures fit in here, so just click here to see the latest.


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