17 months

  • Caedmon is turning out to be QUITE the entertainer! He is very shy, but loves being the center of attention once he’s comfortable.
  • He jabbers up a storm all day long and is developing quite the vocabulary as of late. Most recent words include: knock knock, moo, cow, boom boom (all thanks to “Mr. Brown can Moo, can you?”) 😉 “fall down” “again” (with signing), door, “a car” “a truck” “a bus”, ‘deeno’ (dino/dinosaur), ‘Cay’ (as he pats his hand on his chest – assuming “caedmon”) ‘gup’ (cup), yes & no (w/ appropriate head nods), ‘gah’ (graham cracker or goldfish — or just food in general, haha!) I can’t type it, but he has his own profane version of “fork” (ahem). …I’m sure there is more, he’s pretty much copying everything we say this past week.
  • He had a pretty serious injury this week – something tells me it will not be wild man’s last injury. On Monday, he developed what looked like a rash on his leg. By early afternoon, it was bruising. By Tuesday morning, it was peeling. Wednesday morning, it made my stomach turn to look at it and nothing we seemed to be doing was helping – so we ran to the pedi. Sure enough, a burn (from a space heater) 😦 We have to change the dressing 2x a day, and a friend who worked in a burn unit gave me all sorts of tips, tricks, advice, knowledge, etc…and prepared us for the worst. This tough dude didn’t flinch a muscle as I wiped down his peeling leg and put soap and wet cloth on very raw, tender skin. Me? I about threw up thinking about the pain he must be in 😦
  • He is trying ever so hard to run as fast as the big boys, even trying to jump like they do!
  • He loves books, especially ones about trucks, cars or animals. If there are hiding pictures (lift-a-flaps), even better!
  • he LOVES to dance – he’ll walk around bobbing his lil head to the music and shaking his heiny.
  • He eats everything we put in front of him, and uses a fork and spoon about 99% perfectly. He wanted a cup of OJ this week, and Zach gave him a little cup and he used it pretty much correctly too.
  • He gives the best hugs and kisses
  • He is terrified of new people, or even ‘not in our life everyday’ people (He willingly goes to Keaton’s preschool teachers though…and has charmed them completely!)
  • He still loves being in the Beco (which is great for preschool pick up, as we get there a few mins early to get a good parking spot, so it’s easier to keep him in one spot than chase him all over the church!) Just today we were at the library and I asked, “Are you ready to get in the carrier?” And he started clapping and squealing.
  • He finally has all of his teeth (except 2 year molars) – I shouldn’t say finally, but that was a long few months of one coming in every time we turned around!

I know I’m forgetting a thousand things I want to save and remember, but he is totally distracting me now, so I have to end it here.


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  1. WOW!! I am IMPRESSED!!! Nice work getting all that down on paper!! 17 mo, I think it’s about time for another!! 😉 Glad everyone is doing well!!

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