Keaton’s 5 Year Check Up


We had Keaton’s 5 year well check yesterday afternoon. I don’t remember exactly what he weighed, but it was less than when he was sick a couple months ago…but he’d grown almost a full inch since then πŸ˜‰ Our pedi said that he’s just going to keep stretching out and, “I’ve seen his daddy…he’s going to look like that until he’s 25…” I laughed and said, “…or 31.” πŸ˜‰

I got a little concerned during his vision test, as he couldn’t read some of the smaller letters on line 4 (I was having a hard time WITH my glasses, haha) but, our pedi informed me that your vision doesn’t hit 20/20 until age 6-8, so his missing a few letters (and the letters that they were) was not a concern. However, since poor vision runs in the family, we should consider getting his vision checked in the next year before he begins Kindergarten.

He passed his hearing test (another concern, as we prepare for his Speech Evaluation on Monday). But his hearing is perfect (no excuses when he “doesn’t hear me” haha!)

He checked out perfect and wow’d our pedi with his smarts (she said he has the “intellect of a 7 year old”…yikes! Or as Zach would say, “Our kid’s aren’t stupid…”) πŸ˜‰ She was trying to trick him with various questions and he was (is) sharp as a tack and would answer or correct her faster than she could think.

Her biggest kick out of him: He had an “R” stamped on his hand (each week at preschool they get the letter of the week stamped on their right hand, so they are always seeing the letter, but also so they remember which hand to place over their heart during the pledge). So she asked about the “R” and if Keaton knew any words that started with that letter. Before she could finish her sentence, he spouted off, “Red, Rattlesnake, Robin, Robot, Rooster, Racket, Run, Race, Rocket…” She was laughing so hard – I guess she didn’t expect a list πŸ™‚

He had to “endure” a finger prick to check his iron (it was low at his 4 year appt, so I agreed to have it re-checked) – they’ll call us if anything is abnormal.

And that was that. (I make it sound so calm and quick, when it was anything but, haha) But, we “celebrated” with dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant πŸ™‚


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