The Things They Say


I will update with Keaton’s party soon, but, I had to “jot this down”…

I picked Keaton up from preschool today and he told me that a classmates mom came to read (a mom/former student comes to read every Wednesday) and she read “Fire Bear”. I asked what the book was about and Keaton proceeded to tell me some details and then mentioned that “crayons caught on fire.”

I thought this was an odd turn of events for a children’s book, but decided to roll with the punches. So, I asked, “How did the crayons catch on fire?” (when will I learn?)

Keaton: “I don’t remember…”
Me: “Keaton, she just read the book 10 minutes ago. Were you paying attention?”
Keaton: “Yessss…”
Me: “So, how did the crayons catch fire?”
Keaton: “Well, maybe…”
Me: “Honey…not ‘maybe’… I want to know what happened in the book…”
Keaton: “Well, I think that…”
Me: (Confession, I was getting very upset at this point…just TELL me how the crayons caught on fire…) “Keaton….”
Keaton takes a deep breath. “A dog pooped everywhere and well…that made the crayons catch on fire…”
Me: “Keaton. I REALLY don’t think that is what happened….”
Keaton: “I KNEW you wouldn’t believe me.”

So…if anyone has Fire Bear, I would totally appreciate knowing IF crayons caught on fire and HOW ๐Ÿ˜‰


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