Cat in the Hat party!


Ok, let’s see…I owe an update from Keaton’s 5th Birthday party…You should be able to click here and see all the pictures, but we did a Cat in the Hat theme and he loved it.

We had Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes – we used red velvet cake mix, red foil liners, vanilla icing and blue cotton candy. A friend printed “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” up for me and I used a paper punch to get perfect circles and then I used a black sharpie to outline the circles (to give a layered feel).

A close up of the tags…

Zach slaved over the Cat in the Hat cups (we couldn’t find white electrical tape, which is what I envisioned, so Zach cut strips of white duct tape in half and stuck them on cups. No matter if your cups are circular or square, this will be a battle to the end, so be prepared) 😉

Grandma acquired some paper Cat in the Hat hats for the kids and it was a huge hit!

I made this super fun wreath (we intend to use it for all birthday celebrations from here on out!) a 12″ straw wreath, a TON of balloons and a ton of floral pins (and about 45 mins!)

We also strung a balloon banner this time – Zach blew up the balloons and then threaded them and hung! Such a fun touch – they’re still up, almost a month later!

So there’s the party!


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