Catching up…


Let’s see…At the beginning of the month at Keaton’s preschool, they had Muffins with Mom. We got to spend part of the morning eating breakfast together, listening to songs they had worked on and then go to chapel together. The kids had worked super hard on a number of gifts, and the staff did an awesome job putting together a delicious spread!

The school year is almost over! Last Friday, the kids had a Splash Party and played the morning away getting soaked! You *should* be able to click here to see the pictures 🙂 (I hate uploading pictures onto wordpress….not an easy task! And I’m too tired!)

Tired because Norovirus invaded our home about 2 weeks ago. It slowly made its way through Benjamin…and then Caedmon…and then a “rapid” pass through me, Keaton and now Zach. I’m at my wits end hearing about sore tummies…and the end result (gross….sorry)!

Mother’s Day came and went without much fanfare (or smiles!) 😉

And what are those crazy boys up to?

Caedmon – talking up a storm. He’s still more of a jabberer, but the big boys like to play, “Caedmon, can you say….” and make him try to say words. C will either try, or scream, “NO”. 😉 He’s all over the place and into everything. The big boys weren’t too terribly destructive and over all listened well when I asked them to leave something alone. Caedmon. Not so much. 😉

Benjamin – Just trying to keep up with Keaton. Whatever Keaton is doing, Benjamin has to try to. He’s given up on eating everything we give him (That was a nice 3.5 year run!) He’s getting pickier by the day! (he will still try random things though)

Keaton – I guess the biggest news here is that we (long story short) decided to go ahead with Kindergarten for “this fall.” I quote this fall because we will be in year round school, and that starts in July (my baby goes to Kindergarten in like 45 days….whhhhhhhat?????!!!!)

We’re getting ready to start swim lessons with Keaton and soccer for both, Keaton and Benjamin. The next few weeks will fly by!

Our immediate focus, Keaton’s last day of preschool on Wednesday!


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  1. Must be a third child thing. Querina is the same way! If the other two didn’t do it, she’s sure to do it!

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