Runner’s Camp 2012


When I posted that I was helping out with Runner’s Camp on Facebook, I think most of my friends (who don’t attend our church) thought I was seriously taking up running ::insert maniacal laughter here::

This is something I’ve been wanting to help with for so long, but the timing never really worked out.

I am so excited, though, this summer, to be helping with both camps!

So, what in the world is it? Runner’s Camp is a week long morning camp for kiddos ages 6-12 years. We start each morning with about 40 minutes in small groups (approximately 10-12, sometimes more, kids in each group – I had 11 ten year old girls for June camp) studying the Bible. The curriculum for Runner’s Camp is created in-house through our church, and this year, focused on Five Gifts from God – The Bible, Grace through Jesus/Salvation, The Holy Spirit, The Church (as the Body of Christ) and The Church (as a local community).

Once the bible study time is finished, all the kiddos (this year, 400+) head to the track for some warm-up exercises and then take a lap around the track.

After that, the groups rotate around to various stations to learn about and participate in track & field events (very eye-opening to this band nerd who never “did” track!!) The kids rotate through stations and learn {about} plyometrics (how to run & jump properly/higher/etc), javelin, long jump, high jump, distance running, sprinting, relays, hurdles, {the basics of} pole vaulting, shot put and discus, throw in at least 1 water game each day, and a snack time, along with songs and games with our worship pastor at the end of the morning – and you have runner’s camp!

At the end of the week, they participate in a track meet! (Where I volunteered as “Results Runner” — for 4.5 hours, I ran stadiums, built up some muscle, and got a nice tan {line})

My girls were great, and we had a blast. They marked me after the first day ๐Ÿ™‚

I am NOT a teacher. All Age Group Leaders were provided notebooks with teaching material (and basically a script to read each morning – some following it to a T, some using it as a mere guideline, depending on their “comfortableness” of teaching!) So that helped a lot (I still felt like a fish out of water, haha!)

Over 100 youth (ages 13-17) volunteer to help with the various age groups, the coaches, or the water games.

And then, back at the church (Runner’s Camp takes place at a local middle school) Mini Camp is taking place – child care for those volunteering. These sweet folks show up early, watch 50+ kids, ages 0-5 years, and do games, stories, crafts, feed them snack AND lunch, and the mini campers even get to learn some track & field things as well!

Our church does this in place of the traditional VBS many churches do, and each year seems to be bigger and better than the last!

And now, we gear up for July camp, which will bring hot {hot} weather (we were spoiled for June camp, wearing sweatshirts a few mornings because it was so chilly! In June! In North Carolina!!!), more fun & games, and a group of 12 year old girls for me!


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  1. It was a fantastic week! I have a year to decide whether or not to help in the mini-camp again or join my boys at the Runner’s Camp. (all 3 boys will be old enough next year)

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