Last Wednesday (July 11, 2012), Keaton had his first day of Kindergarten. The school system he is in has a staggered entry process for Kindergarten. During the first week of school, just a handful of children from each class go {for a full day} allowing the teachers to do various assessments, as well as orient the children with the school/class/rules/etc…

Keaton’s teacher (Mrs. Bowman), and his Teacher Aide (Mrs. Bobbitt) are amazing. In the few interactions we’ve (well, I’ve) had (Zach hasn’t met her yet), I’ve become so thankful that she is his Kindergarten teacher this year. She is so sweet. His class is “boy heavy” (meaning, only a handful of girls) and their theme is “robots” – you walk in the room and robots are every.where.! They have a class pet (a guinea pig) named Rosie (who has a 2nd home, so she never has to come home with us (yay! haha)

And yes, it is early to start school 😉 It’s a year round school, and the particular track he is in (there are 4 Tracks) will go about 6-9 weeks on (depending which session it is), and then have approximately 3 weeks off, through next June.

We’re super excited because a friend from our church is also in his class – his mom and I will swap child care so we can each volunteer in the classroom. 🙂

He is so excited to start school – he loved his first day and was very eager to return today for “real” 🙂


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