Benjamin funnies


This morning I had a few errands to do and I was simply dragging. So after dropping off Keaton, and before dropping off Benjamin, we did a quick drive-thru at McDonald’s (all sizes of soft drinks are $1.00). I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and we headed onto B’s preschool. Coming to the school from this direction requires us to do a U-Turn. I made a comment about making the “u-turn” and Benjamin quickly shouted, “What? MY Turn?” It took me a second, but he was just sitting there grinning ear-to-ear about his funny 😉


A few weeks ago, Keaton needed $9 CASH for a class t-shirt. We NEVER have cash on hand. So, in true winning-mom-fashion, the morning the t-shirt money was due, I was scrambling. After some thinking, I had a plan (my plan needed to involve NOT getting all the boys out of the car at any point…did I mention I’m lazy too?) 😉

So, we left for school about 30 minutes early. Our first stop was at the bank to take out money, but you can only do denominations of $20, so $20 it was.

I needed $9…

So, we went by McDonald’s for a $1 drink (remember, ALL soft drinks, no matter the size, ONLY $1) 😉

This allowed me to get the appropriate change back to get the $9 for Keaton’s t-shirt …such a sacrifice 😉

Well, this morning when we pulled into McD’s, there was quite the line for the drive thru. I made a comment about so many being in line.

Benjamin said, “Well, maybe they just need t-shirt money…”


Maybe they do 😉


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