Thanksgiving 2012


Our Thanksgiving week started with a Thankful Feast at Benjamin’s preschool. We were each asked to pay a small fee per family, and bring a side dish or dessert. Four of the classes gathered on Monday morning for an early lunch – an entire Thanksgiving spread – Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberries in various forms, potatoes, bread, corn, pasta salad, and desserts like crazy…

The boys and I found Benjamin’s place setting and got ready…

Below is a turkey he made in class –

Benjamin’s class got to choose whether they wanted to be Pilgrims or Indians, and Benjamin choose a Pilgrim (although, he originally told me he was going to be a PENGUIN…Getting ready for the Christmas play? haha)

Here’s my big Pilgrim!

And if you click below, you can watch their performance 😉

On Thursday, we gathered with some friends from church (OK, about 30 people total), and had a delicious Thanksgiving spread. I’m not a huge fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal – I like Turkey…on a sub sandwich 😉 But, our hosts, did something to this turkey…it was amazing…I had seconds…I’ve never had seconds of turkey 😉 We do up Thanksgiving potluck style, and our hosts provide the turkey and ham, along with mashed potatoes, and stuffing, and drinks…we brought from-scratch sweet potato casserole, some mac & cheese, there were homemade rolls, some pineapple cheese casserole thing that was AWEsome, I’m sure I’m forgetting more delicious food…and pies and delicious desserts galore…

Then, we ended the evening with a bonfire (but left a little early).

We are definitely ready for the end of this Seminary time, and for whatever may be next, but, I will definitely miss out on that sweet time of fellowship every Thanksgiving!

Three days later, we’re still chowing on that Sweet potato casserole and Mac & cheese…yum yum!!!!


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