1/22/2013 – Keaton, #1


While it wasn’t the tooth we were watching, this sweet boy lost his first tooth! About a week ago, he showed me that his 2nd loose tooth (that we’d been watching for awhile) was “really loose”…

About two days later, it was grossly loose…

Over the weekend, it was flopping around when he talked…

On Tuesday when I picked him up from school, it looked like he was missing a tooth! No, it was just laying FLAT in his mouth.

A sweet friend brought us chili for dinner, so I gave him some extra chips. I turned around to wash up some dishes, and I hear the most calm voice, “Hey mommy…” I turned back around to see him holding something in his hand…

Wow! SO crazy! I still haven’t gotten used to that gaping hole in his smile!


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