Math at Rivendell Academy


As I mentioned before, we’re using Math-U-See (MUS). This is a hit for all parties involved.

Keaton is using level Alpha, and Benjamin started with Primer but has skipped a few lessons as he proved he understood the concepts.

Keaton has busy hands, and the manipulatives {blocks} are great for keeping him focused. Up until this week, everything had been a review for him, so this week was the first true test of how well the DVD instruction worked. The lesson was “solving for an unknown” and it was a breeze (I think having his daddy’s math brain helped as well!) He flew through the lesson and has continued to prove that “he’s got this!”

Benjamin is also loving the manipulatives and DVD. He is flying through Primer (but wasn’t quite ready for Alpha), however he is not discouraged.

Regarding the DVD, I think for both, hearing a different voice than mine is a nice change 😉 It’s also great that I can just ‘rewind’ and hit play if a point needs to be reiterated and they can hear it the exact same way (but I can give other examples if need be.)

We also really enjoy the way the workbook is set up, it allows for much flexibility. If they can prove to me (by ‘teaching’ me the lesson) before the end of the section, we just skip the rest and move on. But, if there is more review needed, there are plenty of pages to work out the problems, and even more available on their website.

So far, I haven’t had to use the Teacher Manuals, but I’m sure we won’t get much further before that changes. 😉

We had to make a trip to our local homeschool store this past weekend and were introduced to Life of Fred. Curiosity was piqued and we walked away with Apples. Since it is so different from MUS, we’re taking it one chapter a week {we just did Chapter 1 this week}. The boys are still unsure about 3′ tall Fred and Kingie, but I’m excited to see how the story evolves and how they enjoy the story (if at all!) 😉

Up Next: Reading at Rivendell Academy

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    • LOF is interesting. I guess if someone were creative enough it could be used alone, but I don’t feel confident in doing that. It’s…interesting. We’ve only done one chapter, I’ll definitely update in a few months once we get deeper into it.

      Come visit and you can look at all our stuff!! 😀

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