Spelling at Rivendell Academy


Please note that any links to All About Spelling/All About Learning Press are affiliate links. If a purchase is made via one of those links, I will receive a commission. Thank you in advance if you choose to do so!

The first time I saw the curriculum for All About Spelling (AAS), I think I shouted, “THIS!!!!” As I looked through and saw how easily the program was laid out, I couldn’t believe it could be that easy to teach spelling. The weird thing is, reading/grammar/language arts …that’s my thing. Math. Not my thing. All those pesky grammar/spelling rules have been second nature for so many years (although in recent years I haven’t been as sharp as I once was, so ignore any typos here) 😉 I was so overwhelmed at making sure our boys knew and understood those rules, but AAS (combined with the AAR program) makes sure that the student understands it all!

We have started Keaton with Level 1, and like with Math, it has been mostly a review up until this week. Oddly enough, the lesson this week has also been the hardest to teach (understanding when c makes the /s/ sound or the /k/ sound)…think about it. I’ll wait 😉

Keaton has greatly enjoyed using the letter tiles (with magnets) from the Interactive Kit on our dry erase board to spell out the words.

I also love that with each lesson, they ask the child to spell out phrases, and not just words.

And just like AAR, I love that this is very much an open-and-go program – no guessing on what to say next and minimal prep work.

It is very telling that Keaton would spend a week on spelling words at school and still miss 1-2 on his Friday test, but now he can spell words on the first try thanks to learning the rules behind the spelling.

A blog entry from All About Learning Press was what sold me. You can read it here about teaching these two subjects separately.

Up Next: Geography at Rivendell Academy…

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