Handwriting at Rivendell Academy


So, we chose to start with Handwriting Without Tears because that is what the boys were using at school. Benjamin actually does a pretty decent job of forming letters, but Keaton …well that’s another story. I would work with him every day on his homework, but then, at school, no one would correct him and it would be the same battle the next afternoon.

We spent our first few days of homeschool simply writing letters and trying to form them correctly…and we’re still working. It is so ingrained in Keaton to write them incorrectly.

Benjamin is just about finished with his book, and I’m honestly not sure what we’ll do when he finishes, either move to a different series or the next level in Handwriting Without Tears. I’m just not sure yet.


So I think that about covers it in terms of official curriculum we’re using. We’re still trying to figure out the Science thing (and any other extras we chose to do…)

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