March 2014


It’s been a crazy few weeks around here! Rivendell Academy is in full swing, and the boys are continually amazing me – making this crazy adventure even more fun than I anticipated.

Keaton just finished Level 1 in All About Spelling. He was so excited, and had no clue there would be a certificate at the end! He wanted to jump right in to Level 2, but I managed to have him wait a couple of days so I could get everything ready 😉


This morning, Keaton was feeling kind of crummy, and didn’t feel up to doing school, but Benjamin found some dollar tree work books and got busy “doing school by himself” 🙂

Caedmon has been adamant about doing “school” lately. So we grabbed some tracing sheets, and after he traced the lines, he used stickers to cover the lines.

2014-03-28 08.52.54

Later, he wanted to talk about numbers…
2014-03-28 11.45.44

This weekend I plan on putting some things together for him so we can take a few minutes each morning and ‘do school’, just the two of us, before I start with his brothers.

Now we enter the birthday season and kick it all off with Keaton’s birthday party next weekend. So excited to celebrate our crazy boy and his 7th birthday!!!!!!

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