A HUGE Thank You!


A few weeks ago, I shared how our family was once again participating in 4000Steps to raise money for First Choice Pregnancy Solutions.


Our family surpassed our goal (multiple times). We went for $300, then $500, then $700…then $1500… We ended up at an incredible $2,002!!!! I was simply blown away. We can’t thank our friends and family that sponsored us enough.

The weather for the Walk on Saturday was beyond perfect (we’ve had years where it was freezing cold, cloudy and windy on the day of…a year where there was drizzle off and on, and beautiful sunny days… this was by far the best).

It came time to announce the grand total. The goal was $175,000, and a handful of us were flipping out on Facebook as we hit that about 10pm Friday… But the funds kept rolling in…

Finally, we heard the news: $181,359.94

Simply amazing!!! Thank you again to each that gave for the cause of life!!!

So looking forward to next year… goal: $200,000!!!!

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