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After countless online parties and earning a ton of Usborne products for free and discount, I finally took the plunge and joined as a consultant with this month’s amazing special!



We have been huge fans of Usborne products for years – their books are so creative, engaging, and educational… I’m so excited to now have the opportunity to help friends earn and receive Usborne’s incredible products!

If any of my friends are interested in ordering, hosting their own party, or joining with this awesome deal, I would love to hear from you!

A HUGE Thank You!


A few weeks ago, I shared how our family was once again participating in 4000Steps to raise money for First Choice Pregnancy Solutions.


Our family surpassed our goal (multiple times). We went for $300, then $500, then $700…then $1500… We ended up at an incredible $2,002!!!! I was simply blown away. We can’t thank our friends and family that sponsored us enough.

The weather for the Walk on Saturday was beyond perfect (we’ve had years where it was freezing cold, cloudy and windy on the day of…a year where there was drizzle off and on, and beautiful sunny days… this was by far the best).

It came time to announce the grand total. The goal was $175,000, and a handful of us were flipping out on Facebook as we hit that about 10pm Friday… But the funds kept rolling in…

Finally, we heard the news: $181,359.94

Simply amazing!!! Thank you again to each that gave for the cause of life!!!

So looking forward to next year… goal: $200,000!!!!

nourish. grow. thrive. with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


Disclaimer: The following post contains affiliate links. 

The time has come!!! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is ON SALE!!! This is one amazing ebook bundle!!! Look at everything included!!!!

There is so much to read in this incredible bundle, and there will be a few reviews in the coming days, but you can see from the images below, it’s completely worth the price! Also, you can choose a PDF version of the bundle, or a Kindle version! Whichever format your heart desires!

Topics include:

If you have any questions about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, please visit their FAQ page, or send me a message!

You can order by clicking here, but hurry! The sale ends Monday, April 28th, at 11:59pmEST.

Oh…did I mention the bonuses?!

I’m not kidding y’all!!! These bonuses!!!

Please note, shipping charges may apply.

1. Dayspring – Free 10-pack of Cards ($19.99 value)

2. Hope Ink – Free $15 Store Credit + Free Art Print ($39 Value)

3. Redeeming Beauty Minerals – Choose any 3 eyeshadows for Free ($16.47 Value)

4. Dizolve – Free 64 Load pack of Laundry Detergent strips + 64 Free to a food bank ($25.98 Value)

5. Marie-Madeline Studio- Free $15 Store Credit ($15 Value)

6. TriLight Health – Free $15 Store Credit ($15 Value)

7. Fit2B Studio – Free 2-month online membership ($19.98 Value)

8. List Planit – Free 90-day site membership ($15 Value)

9. One a Month Meals – Free 2 Month Membership ($20 Value)

10. Bulk Herb Store – Free digital download of “Making Herbs Simple: Volume 2” ($14.95 Value)

I hope you are able to purchase this amazing bundle! There is so much included that can help us as mothers, women, and wives!


Be on the lookout for reviews from some amazing authors in the coming days!!

Coming Soon: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


I am SO excited to be able to bring you this incredible bundle…On Wednesday!! I have been previewing some of the ebooks offered, and y’all… get ready!

So much wisdom, knowledge, inspiration on so many topics! I can’t wait to bring you a few reviews later this week. But for now, bookmark this and keep your eyes peeled!

…and did I mention freebies and bonuses??

Really. Get ready! 🙂



…someone like you cares a whole awful lot…nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

For the past 6 or so years, our family has taken part in an annual Walk-a-Thon supporting our local ‘crisis pregnancy center’, First Choice Pregnancy Solutions.

This is an incredible organization here in Wake Forest that desires to minister to men and women facing much uncertainty. They provide many services, completely free of charge, including pregnancy testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, and counseling so these men and women can make an informed, educated decision about the precious life the mom is carrying.

For those that choose life, they are able to participate in classes (topics range from resume writing and career building skills, to pregnancy, birth and parenting classes) and earn many things that babies need (think diapers, clothing, car seats, cribs…) They are often partnered with folks and churches in the area that can walk with them, guiding and helping them on their parenting journey.

For those that choose to abort their baby, they are welcomed back, whenever they are ready (and only if they desire), for post-abortion counseling in a non-judgmental, loving environment.

First Choice recently purchased a fully-equipped medical RV unit so they are able to meet these women where THEY are. The stories from the ‘mobile’ team are truly amazing.

You can keep up to date on how you can be praying for the women that the staff meets with through their Facebook page.

So, as I mentioned, all this – the counseling, the materials, the classes, the support – it is all provided totally free of charge to these men and women to fulfill the mission of First Choice: to communicate accurate and truthful information to those affected by an unplanned pregnancy and to provide them with physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

But these resources have to be paid for somehow… and that’s where the walk-a-thon I mentioned comes in to play. 4000Steps equals out to about 2 miles, and we will gather with many others later this month to take 4000Steps in support of First Choice, and all they do.

In the meantime, we’re raising support. We’ve set a goal to raise $700 (in celebration of Keaton’s upcoming 7th birthday), but instead of raising this through the rest of the month, we want to hit $700 by this Tuesday (April 8), which is Keaton’s birthday.

And this is where we need YOUR help! We would LOVE to be able to give all $700 ourselves, and the awesome news is that much of it is already raised (as of 6:25pm, we only have $325 to go!)

Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring our family as we take 4000Steps, and raise $700, in support of this amazing organization and all they do for folks in our area?

Sponsoring us is super easy. Simply click HERE, and on the right hand column, you’ll see the word, “GIVE”, click that and enter your information! And if you can ‘only’ give a couple of dollars, that is OK! It’s cliche, but every little bit helps – it really does!

If you have ANY questions about this organization, please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to share more!

Thank you in advance for your support as we participate in this walk-a-thon!
The Jones Family

Our fundraising link: